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The Scent of Apples:

I am drowsing off.

For I have had too much of apples
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リンゴ・モグ ;;
ringo•mogu ;;

 RP-turned-AU-turned episodic series • Began as simple BL sidestory involving the 人間形 of keio's and CMYK.a's Macintosh computers • to mean "eating apples" as a pun to the make of the laptops and certain key scenes in the storyline; 'mogu' is the Japanese 'noise' for munching • while allusions to sources occur, the characters themselves have evolved independently • current archiving and sorting out of RP logs at hand

credits ;;

 stylesheet by paintedlayouts • profile code by angeling • story and characters all by keio and CMYK.a

links ;;

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